MILANOSPORT are: Fender guitars, 10 amps, synth at the centre and teamwork.

The band started towards the end of 2019 when Federico returned to Milan after five years of living in the Netherlands and ran into Paolo. He returns with dozens of cool demos and lyrics that talk about his experiences and the Dutch lifestyle. He proposes Paolo to form a band between post punk and surf rock where they can make everyone’s songs. Later on, three other people will be joining the band: Riccardo, who returned to Milan after two years of electronic sounds in Sweden, Pietro, who adds pop lines on synths, and Matteo, an impeccable rock drummer.

Each member carries a completely different musical past: punk mixes itself with surf rock, synth-pop, electronic Soviet, shoegaze and Irish folk. In 2020 they began practising in a garage behind Bar Picchio in Milan, 20 metres underground, the same place that saw the birth of other italians indie acts such as Tropea, Nava, Giallorenzo, Nobody Cried for Dinosaurs and Visconti.

Their debut LP will be released at the end of 2023


MILANOSPORT – Concrete (12″ Vinyl)




Label / Press (Italy): Factory Flaws
Press (ww ex Italy): Juicy PR –