Kuni is the project of Eleonora Danese, a twenty-nine years old artist from Rome.

Kuni is short for Kunimitsu, one of the main characters of the super famous videogame Tekken. Since she was a child, Eleonora was obsessed with Japanese culture, so much in fact that she later obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Eastern Asia Languages and Cultures, specializing in Korean and Japanese.

She realized music was what she wanted to do in life when she first saw the movie “School of Rock”: by the age of ten, her mind was set on that.

Kuni had a punk-rock band in high school – “The Dwarves, The Giant & The Blonde” – and started studying a bit of guitar and bass during those years. Having never been a model student with those instruments, she gave those up to pick up singing and basic piano lessons instead.

Although having always written poetry, fantasy stories, diaries, and other types of texts, She had a hard time approaching the form of the song. She often felt as if she was not worthy of writing music, and spent more time doubting her abilities than actually trying to use them. But all the things that were seething inside finally managed to come out.



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