Introducing: Klune

Introducing: Klune

We are delighted to announce another amazing act to our roster: Klune. Padova’s trio Klune consists of singer Giovanni Solimen, producer Alberto Pagnin and guitarist Giulio Abatangelo.

Klune is an Italian pop and electronic band formed in 2014 consisting of Giovanni Solimeno on vocals, Alberto Pagnin as a producer and Giulio Abatangelo, the guitarist.
In 2015 they released their first effort, “Klune EP”, an EP of five tracks from the clear electronic contamination. Always in 2015, Klune have been selected from Converse and Noisey as one of the best talented emerging band in Italy, giving them a free recording-day in the legendary studio “Officine Meccaniche” in Milan, with the Hector Castillo, audio engineer and collaborator of Philip Glass, Roger Waters, David Bowie and many more.

After a collaboration with duo M+A for the single “Sun”, the three have spent 2 years working on their debut LP which will be released in 2018.

Premiered via KickKickSnare, the second single to be lifted off of it is titled ‘Nocturnal’, a late-night electro jam adorned with dark vibes and contemporary pop textures.

Speaking about “Nocturnal”, their new single,  KLUNE detailed:

“As the title suggests, ‘Nocturnal’ is one of the representation of the LP main theme: night. But it’s not something for the dance floor. It’s the soundtrack to play when you’re walking home, alone, surrounded by darkness, caressed by cold street lights.”