Premiered via Nowness, Rushing Guy is the new hypnotic electro adventure from Sofia Gallotti, a.k.a. L I M. Accompanied by an utterly beautiful morphing video, directed by Giorgio Calace and Karol Sudolski, Rushing Guy is more than just a song, it’s the work of art of an eclectic, sensitive and uncommonly talented artist.

“It’s my personal vision about time. It’s an advice for all the guys who are wasting their time keep running without feeling the beauty of the moment of now. It’a a song about just stopping and try to feel the higher beauty of the unformed shape of reality.” – L I M

Italian electronic pop prodigy L I M has unveiled the title of her sophomore mini-album “HIGHER LIVING”, which we’re really proud to release together with Italian tastemaker label La Tempesta. L I M also shared the record’s opening track “YSK”, which can be heard below. We’re beyond honored to work together with such a forward-thinking musician, this is the first of many to come.

A truly delicate and emotional introspective journey, ‘GAME OVER’ is the second single off L I M’s debut EP ‘Comet‘ (La Tempesta, 2016). It’s a dark yet enlighting surrendering to the end of a relationship; it’s seeing and dancing in the dark, with the ghost of a failed love haunting dreams in a space between reality and revelation. The track floates between liquid mid-tempo R&B and vapor disco, mixing Detroit’s ambient classic elements and textures while planting its roots in Aphex Twin’s “Ambient Works” misty memories.