LNDKF is a singer and songwriter, 1990 born in Sousse,Tunisia, and living in Paris. Son of a two different cultures, italian mother and arabian father, she raised in Naples (Italy) with her mother. The early detachment with her father, with Sahara, her original land and her tradition contributed to feed the desire to find, trough art, a hook with her roots. Her music is influenced by jazz, Neo-soul and hip-hop, filtered with her experiences and her sensibility.

Following her debut EP Lust Blue, LNDFK has returned with Pocket P Song, a smooth yet fierce critique to sexism in workspaces and in particular in music-related fields: “Gender discrimination is often a common habit, and it has led people to think about women as bodies instead of professionals in a workplace. My song is meant to highlight this, and to warn women about the risks of adapting to this mindset, as if it was a necessary condition.

HighlightsNOISEY IT


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